These are frequently asked questions from our customers

What’s your minimum rate for service calls?

We have a $150.00 minimum rate for 2 hours then $60 per hour after that.

Do I need to change my panel?

While every panel needs to be assessed on an individual basis. Typically if you have a Federal Pacific (FPE) we recommend that you replace it due to these breakers causing fires from not tripping properly.

Why are the outlets in my bathroom/patio/garage not working?

So we like trying to help our customers and see if they are able to take care of this without us coming out to try and save a trip charge. A lot of times if any of these outlets aren't working first you need to check the garage to see if there is a GFCI outlet that needs to be reset. On most houses in the last 20 years those outlets have been GFI protected by one GFCI in the garage, so please check this if you are having problems with those outlets not working.