Our Approach

Our Approach

We are a small business that is always trying to expand. We may be small but we are known for thriving in tight timeframes where others tend to fail. We have been called upon numerous times to go help finish other electrical contractors projects. While the contractors we are there to help only put in their 8-10 hours a day our guys will go 16-20 hours and be back in the morning before the other crew. Our guys are willing to go above and beyond to make sure we meet deadlines. When it comes to our jobs that we start there is a much different tempo. We try to work smarter not harder. That is a philosophy that has always be apart of us. Being able to plan ahead is one of the biggest tools you will ever be able to use.

Our Story

Our Story

A.H. Electrical Service Inc. was founded in 2003 by Moses Sanchez. The reason he pursued to start his own company was due to his boredom at his then current job. Even though the company he worked for was slow at the time they were still paying him his salary. He needed more of a challenge in his career. Hence A.H. Electric was born

Meet the Team

We are a family run company that fundamentally believes to do whatever it takes to get the job complete

Moses Sanchez

President & CEO

Moses was born in Abilene Texas and started his career as an electrician as part of the work study program at Abilene High. Upon graduation, Moses went through the apprenticeship program and obtained his journeyman's license in 1987. After moving to Iowa, he continued to work as a supervisor and then worked his way up to Project Manager and Estimator for 10 years. After moving back to Texas and settling in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, Moses worked for a contractor until he obtained his Master Electrician license in 2003 and opened A.H. Electrical Service Inc.


Moses enjoys time with his family, as well as a regimented physical fitness routine, fishing and riding his motorcycle

Lora Sanchez

Vice President/ CFO

Prior to her current position, Lora held a health and life insurance license with the State of Texas and worked with a large brokerage firm. In 2005, as A.H. Electrical Service grew, she left the insurance field and started working with Moses full-time. Lora is in charge of Accounts Receivables, A/R Collections, Payroll, Bank reconciliations, sales tax returns, contract review, job costing and financial statements.


Lora loves to spend time with her family and travel. When at home, she enjoys reading, hiking and most outdoor activities


Skyler Sanchez

Project Manager

Skyler started working in the electrical field when he was 12 years old. Continued until he was 21 then left the electrical field for the Military. Served active duty for 3.5 years then returned back to electrical. Earned his journeyman's license in 2016 and is pursuing his masters license. Skyler's responsible for the day to day operations, ordering materials, quality control, and internet presence.


Skyler enjoys doing activities with his family like hiking with his wife and four daughters, working on their home, shooting practice, date nights with his wife.

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